Sunday, 5 May 2013

Anyone for Camping, Fishing or the Beach?

Outdoor Tough Pads

Many of us enjoy traveling with our pets and dogs or enjoying the outdoor life.  We have a great range of water resistant tough pads which are idea for that purpose.  They are perfect for:

*boot of the car
*the kitchen or utility room
*outside in the garden 
*the park at the beach
*the beach

They are available in a wide size and colour range and suitable for almost all dog breeds from the tiny Yorkshire Terrier to the Great Dane.
What a great water resistant Tough Pad

If your dog needs that extra bit of warmth we also are able to offer the same high quaility tough pad with a fleece lining on one side, ideal for your dog if they are needing that extra comfort and warmth

All our Tough Pads are available for fast delivery and at the low start price of £18.99, now that is what I call a good deal.

01604 518843 (UK)

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