Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dog Heath & Winter Weather

Dog Health & Winter Weather

Winter is well and truly with us and we need to look out for our dogs & pets during this time.

There are many ways in which we can keep and eye on our dogs during this time.

* Your dogs coat and diet may change just like you and I.  Their winter coat should appear and may require more brushing and tending than normal.  Their diet needs may chance also and you might find that your dog eats more of a certain food during this time.  We all know dogs love to eat but be away of their needs and requirements and help ensure a balance and healthy diet.

* Exercise and walks may be disrupted by rain and snow.  Many dogs are happy and enjoy running outside in winter, but some dogs do require that extra helping hand.  A waterproof dog coat for those wet, snowy days is ideal and widely available from Barking Mad Clothing is ideal and for those cold winter nights a dog jumper and sweater is ideal.  Even the bigger dogs may require a little extra help during the winter months.  All dog owners need to be aware of safety when walking your dog.  Often in winter there are dull foggy damp days when visibility is poor.  We have available some great lightweight and fleece lined hi vis / safety dog coats available for all dog breeds.  Please keep your dog safe and on a lead if near a frozen lake or pond.  Even the most well behaved dog can find the frozen pond / lake attractive.

* If dog walking in the snow there may be salt on the roads and paths.  This can be very uncomfortable for dogs.  Don't forget to wash your dogs feet once home from the walk and wash away any salt that could irritate your dogs pads and feet.

* If you have any further tips for looking after your dog during the winter period we would love to hear from you

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