Thursday, 20 September 2012

Online Discounts for Dog Coats & Pet Accessories

Rain and wind coming to the UK this weekend, great time to buy a dog coat from us. 
Just a quick reminder that your discount vouchers are still valid until 09/10/12. See below for full details. This means that you get an extra 10% online discount on all our items including the already discounted pet products, wow, big savings.
Each discount voucher is valid for one use per customer. Valid until 09/10/2012
Each code must be used online and will offer you an extra 10% discount on all products online. Discount Voucher Code: BMCDV1001
Copy & paste the code to our online shop at
Enter the Discount code where you enter your details ie at Coupon/Discount Voucher and click apply. Your discount will be issued to your items in the basket
and will show as a Customer Discount Voucher and the discount will apply on the page before you enter your payment details. Just a little thank you from us to you for your custom.


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  2. Thank you for your comments. We will be adding to the blog as often as possible with special discounts thank you.