Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rain hits the UK, Dog Coats

What a great time to buy your dog coat.  Not only can you use your online discount voucher, see previous blogs but we also offer great online discounts on top of your voucher discount, wow.  More rain and wind to hit the UK this week and winter is almost here.  We have a great range of dog coats, fleeces, dog trouser suits, greyhound coats and pet beds & blankets many of which are discounted online, check out the site and see what you can find. http://www.barkingmadclothing.co.uk 
Dog Coats, Dog Trouser Suits, Waterproof Dog Coats, Greyhound Dog Coats
http://www.barkingmadclothing.co.uk/coatsandfleeces2.html check out these dog coats, dog hoodies, waterproof dog coats & dog trouser suits, great online discounts

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