Friday, 11 January 2013

Dog Trouser Suits Online Discounts


So why use a Dog Trouser Suit?

Many people and customers have asked us what the benefits of using a all-in-one dog trouser suitThe most important fact is your dog and its comfort and secondly the convenience for the owner.  If the suit is the correct size for the dog then they should feel no discomfort or even realize that they have a dog suit on.  The dog will be able to goto the toilet as usual (both) and this applies to both male and female dogs.  Therefore the question is what are the benefits of wearing the suit?  Many dogs love going outside in the snow, rain and mud and many dogs enjoy themselves to the full while running and playing outside.  This means that on the return to the home they are usually very muddy, wet and possible full of snow balls.  The owner will then spend what seems like an eternity cleaning, washing, bathing, brushing, drying before the day has even started then off we go again in the evening.  When your dog is wearing one of these all-in-one dog trouser suits it will help minimize the effort involved from the owner in cleaning, washing and drying your dog and also limit the distress on the dog by having to constantly bath and clean them.  We have a selection of dogs wearing these suits in our Gallery, running in the snow and having fun.  Even the bigger dogs need a little helping hand sometimes and we have these suits available upto a 32" Length.  We also have suits with short legs, ideal for the shorter legged dogs.

We had some bad weather on the way to the UK including snow.  An ideal opportunity to purchase a dog trouser suit from us with online discounts from 10-25%

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