Saturday, 26 January 2013

Greyhound Dog Coats

Greyhound Dog Coat

Greyhound Dogs & Whippet Dogs feel the cold, wind & rain and often benefit from having some protection from the weather elements, such as a Greyhound Dog Coat.  We would recommend a Greyhound style dog coat as this is shaped to the contours of the greyhound / whippet, offering a maximum protection and covering.  Each of our Greyhound coats have a thick fleece collar for extra protection around the greyhounds neck.  We currently offer two styles of coats the Greyhound Anorak available from 16-30" in length in Navy & Red and the Greyhound Warmer Coat available from 16-30" in a wide range of colours from Pink, Brown, Navy, Red, Black etc
Greyhound Anoraks
Greyhound Warmer Dog Coat

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