Monday, 30 September 2013


Greyhound Dog Coats

Autumn is upon us and we are striding into Winter.  Greyhound dogs make great pets and are very loyal and caring.  People may think these lovely dogs take hours and hours of walking daily, however, often they do not.  Many of these dogs are happy to stretch their legs in the garden and have one walk a day.  These dogs often feel the cold which is why you see many Greyhounds on walks with their coats on.  

We are very pleased to offer some great discounts on these greyhound dog coats with 10% off RRP 

We have a great range of coats from the warm & waterproof to the general everyday use.  Why not check us out and see what you think? These greyhound coats start from as low as £13.90, wow that can't be bad.


If you have any comments regarding our coats or general Greyhound comments, ie where you like to walk your dog, funny stories etc we would love to hear from you

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